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CHIMAHO Automation systems was established during 1995 by three technocrats,
with sole purpose and dedication to manufacture new generation, trouble free and
quality hydraulic presses. We have developed in house facility to manufacture presses from
conceptualization to overall manufacturing and till successful execution at customers end.
Our sincere efforts and innovative design skills have helped many industries, our numerous
Installations working through out India is proof of our commitment.


 Economical with latest design.

 Energy efficient with higher rate of production.

 Ease of maintenance with trouble free operation.

 Efficient manufacturing with execution.

We have supplied up to 1500 ton capacity presses with different constructions like open
throat / c frame, closed frame, four pillar and stretched tierod column type for various
applications as follows.

Deep Drawing presses
Moulding presses
Backward extrusion presses
Forward extrusion presses
Bailing presses
Briquetting presses
Powder compacting presses
Straightening presses
Assembly presses
Rotary shearing machine
Power pack and cylinders
Riveting presses
Wire rope crimping presses
Broaching machines
Special purpose custom built presses

Our commitment and careful analysis has helped many core industries in reducing
consumption of power with increased productivity and saving power, time, money etc. We
have excellent record of providing timely services. Some of our unique achievements are
as follows.

Deep drawing press of 1200 ton capacity with twin cushions of 200 ton capacity with table
size of 3000 mm X 2000 mm weighing 150 tons.

Backward extrusion / cold forging press of 1500 ton and 1200 ton capacity with ejector and
power saving

Wire rope crimping press of 800 ton capacity with quick change die system and dies.

PTFE compression moulding press of 600 ton capacity with tooling producing India’s largest
sheet size in PTFE.

Introduced first time in India LPG shell manufacturing deep draw press with 60 HP and rate
of production 6 nos per minute with fixed displacement pump.

Automatic number punching machine for LPG shell

Unique concept presses Rotary shearing machine, Upsetting presses, Cocopeat briquetting


We manufacture variety of hydraulic presses for metal forming in different constructions like
closed frame, four pillar, open throat and stretched tie rod column type. Mainly used for
deep drawing, cold forging / backward extrusion, forward extrusion, blanking, trimming,
bending, shearing and sizing application.


Basic features of these presses are as follows

• Properly guided and lubricated die cushion system single or multiple.
• Blank holder construction for deep draw shells
• Die cushion can be used as ejector
• Soft opening and closing of main slide
• Variety of speed choices during working stroke
• Optimum design of structure
• Slide guiding eight point or four point with Phosphorous bronze liners
• Accuracies as per JIS GRADE
• Ease of maintenance and trouble free performance of Hydraulic system.
• Electricals with PLC
• Custom built as per customer’s requirement.
• Importance for safety.

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